NMO – Leads for University

Drive more enrolments with Lead Management System Centralize, manage and distribute admission leads captured from different sources to nail every opportunity and eliminate the industry-wide problem of lead leakage and lead duplication. Neuromyelitis optica (NMO) is a severe inflammatory demyelinating disease with lesions found primarily in the spinal cord and optic nerve


A world class independent design and consultancy company established in 2015 in Dubai, UAE. We provide our clients with vendor neutral, standards compliant and performance-oriented solutions to meet their technology requirements. The company’s principal and associates have combined over 36 years of experience, of which the majority has been in the Middle East.

Finance Online

The Leading Business Software Discovery & Research Platform
2.5M users use FinancesOnline every month to find top B2B solutions & get market insights

The Coach School

Master Certified Coach Brooke Castillo founded The Life Coach School with the goal of creating an example of what’s possible with the Model. The School’s two programs, Self Coaching Scholars and Coach Certification Program, set the standard for the life coaching industry, helping people create the impossible in their own lives.

TA Software Solutions

Business in today’s modern world is not static. It’s dynamic and changing all the time.

Digitize your Casino

White Ivory Elephant’s proprietary platform helps create a digital footprint for your casino and gaming operation, grow relationships with your guests, patrons and players and stay connected with them.